Mirko Porta, time ago, has taken the alias of the project Pigreko. A project born in Berlin in 2021 offering experiences and concepts of vision through modern electronic music for the audience.

Pigreko’s path has attracted by the Techno scene and influenced by the Dub genre. His art is always a “Tale of self.”

An artist grew up with the desire to discover electronic and non-electronic instruments to create musical ideas reflecting his soul.

Back in the days Pigreko moved to Berlin, looking for new horizons, driven by the desire to grow his knowledge, experience the culture of electronic music. Originally from Viterbo in Italy, he has been challenged to leave his town, which is involved by mountains and several lakes around, bringing peace of mind and following his pathway. Pigreko’s records can be felt Dark, eerie, deep, and minimalist sounds, and the addition of intricate textures beside drones close out all the evolving percussion complexity.

Experimentations with techniques and breaking models are the fundamental keys to his art, followed by mystic and involving sounds, which are Pigreko’s performance practices. In live performance, you notice a not very complex set-up of equipment, a single modular system, with which he transmits sounds based on drone and ambient music. Unlike many, he brings a touch of aggression, a branded and immediately recognizable timbre. Sometimes we also hear some elements of drums playing between the extremes of frequencies. Full of subharmonics and very open in the high frequencies to give a sense of ‘air.’ This combination allows the drones to be present and keep the listener’s focus during live performances.

During his studies in Berlin, Pigreko approached the world of installations. A world that goes beyond music but touches on the fields of IT and electronics. Specifically, he found himself fascinated by the art of visual audio, which allows him to create minimalist and futuristic settings simultaneously; This led him to make his first installation, “The Cage.”

Driven by a desire to discover and experiment with his own methods, pigreko took his installation a step further. Guided by the fateful question, “what if?”

“What happens if I do a live performance in the middle of an installation?

This point helped the artist to identify his way of perceiving and transmitting art clearly.

“I believe that electronic music is an excellent compromise between experimentation and artistry. Composing an electronic song is like writing a poem. Poetry is an art, full of facets, techniques, and various genres of writing that affect the reader who appreciates its value; the same goes for electronic music, of any kind.” – Pigreko